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Our Story

This is a story of a little bean, and a story of a little group of people.

Summer has come.  Beans fall on to the soil in the garden, waiting to grow up.  Just like everyone else, Beanie works hard everyday.  He eats.  He sunbathes.  He exercises.  And he dreams of growing up, as every other bean does.  

But he doesn’t grow much taller….



…“No growing, life’s ending” is the doctors’ prophecy to him.

This is usually the beginning of the story for Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) patients.  Like other rare genetic diseases, this disease is hard to diagnose prior to pregnancy, and medical treatment is extremely costly.  Many patients and parents are exhausted.  Is this a joke on their genes?  Is this a test of resolution imposed by destiny?

They have small bodies, but their dreams are big, and they never give up moving forward.

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25 July to 15 August 2018
We are organising a "Rare Image" exhibition from 25 July to 15 August 2018 at H6 CONET at The Center
Click here for details.

2 April 2018
Mural Painting at Mong Kok Police Station
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24 February 2018
For Rare Disease Day 2018, we will host a documentary screening and sharing session at the Science Park.
Click here for details.

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