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A number of our publications are now available as e-books for free download!


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Member Publications

Below are ways to purchase/download the publications authored by our members. If the stories have inspired you, please feel free to make a donation.

(N.B.: Please indicate the patient's name(s) when you donate)

Title: Light Boat, Thick Mountains—The Story of a Pompe Disease Patient
Author: Joe Lai
Category: Prose
Published: December 2011 (1st edition)
Publisher: Riding Cultural and Creative Limited
Language: English
(Other versions: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)
Pages: 190
Price (Printed Version): HK$68
The following books are in Traditional Chinese
Title: 大不了的3呎高人生--罕有病少年的濃縮人生自白書
Author: Eric Ma, Stephen Ma
Category: Prose
Published: June 2010 (1st edition)
Publisher: 青源出版社
Language: Traditional Chinese
Pages: 184
Price (Printed Version): HK$68
Purchase: The electronic version of this book can be purchased from the online bookstore of Handheld Culture Limited. Price: USD 3.99 (Approx. HKD 30). All royalties go to the authors and the publishers.
Title: 寫出生命的彩虹--一位黏多醣症女作家的自白
Author: 陳雯芳
Category: Prose
Published: 1999
Publisher: Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited
Language: Traditional Chinese
Pages: 105